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What price should parking be and what George got right and what George missed.


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  1. “because the system will never work”

    Odd that George has no faith in technical ability of the defence industry but has no doubts about those involved in renewable energy.

  2. It may be worth pointing out that what George has discovered is not a new phenomenon. Once upon a time the wire pulling puppet masters who controlled the US government duped their ignorant subjects into believing that England was threatened by an imaginary bogeyman. Many lives and much treasure were wasted as a result.

  3. The RIM-161A (SM-3) is a proven anti-ballistic missile defence system. THAAD will be available several years ahead of schedule. The Iranians have just announced they have a launch system capable of putting satellites in orbit. That gives them the delivery side of a FOBS. If Monbiot is so specifically clueless about this one aspect, why should we pay his other maunderings any heed?

  4. What about Hospital car parks Timmy? Up here they impose fairly stiff charges for staff, patients, and visitors. And there is no bus service to our local District Hospital. (The NHS Trust would not set aside a bus stop for them. Funny that…)

    So if you have to work at a hospital, or if you fall ill, it is going to cost you.

    I can’t see any other incentive at work here, apart from the financial incentive for the NHS Trust who own the land, and count the revenue.

    £2.80 per hour, (I’m told the staff get a discount) and the reception desk and shop do not give change, and the ticket machines give no change either. And if you have not paid up front, it is a £50 penalty. The car parks are massive, I have never seen them more than 60% full, and that was at Christmas when the place is flooded with visitors.

    I can’t help wondering where the incentive is for the customers though? Are we to believe that people deliberately develop cancer, just to avail themselves of hospital mince? How does it benefit the NHS Trust, to penalise it’s own staff, patients, visitors, League of Friends, local clergy, from attending their hospital? Well the answer is, they can, so they do.
    Their claim is that they need to discourage shoppers from abusing their car park. The nearest shopping centre is nearly two miles away. Parking there is free. (When we go visiting, we park there, and walk to the hospital.)

    And why do they keep building Metro systems with risibly few parking spaces at every station? What is the point of “Park’n’Ride” if they won’t let you park? In reality it means they have spent millions on every Metro station, just to accomodate the folk who live within walking distance of the station. Their house prices have risen rather well, on the back of that. Everyone else in the district just gets nagged, and penalised, because the Metro trams are half empty. And apparently we should be on them.

    So I don’t believe the buggers. They don’t want to reduce congestion, they want money. And they are getting it, rather a lot of it.

    Tim adds: Monty? More water with it. I talked about the parking on the high street, the relationship between that and the support , increase in traffic, of local shops. I did not talk about the price of parking at hospitals.

  5. On the other point, I take note of Obnox’s comments, they are well worth a read. But why, in an age of instant and widespread communication, are we not allowing more direct government from the governed? Why do we still have to pay party animals to go to Westminster, to serve their parties, and their own interests, while pretending to serve us?
    We do not need full-time “snigger” MPs any more. We no longer need to be represented. The Cabinet is in a position to request a decision, and a mandate, directly from the populace.

    The public have no confidence in the politicians, for good reason. So let’s sack all the politicians, and subject the senior civil servants to direct rule.

    OK, maybe we aren’t quite there yet, but we should be getting ready for this.

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