Timmy Elsewhere


Social tradeoffs (between absolute and relative mobility) and Polly bashing (again!) (erm, somewhere around).

Erm, I\’m feeling a little odd about such Polly bashing actually: I emailed her a shorter (and more informative and polite) version of the information for which she thanked me. Erm, yes, it\’s, umm, a trifle shaming to gloriously bash someone who then turns around and thanks you politely for the information….

2 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. I shouldn’t feel guilty, if I were you. I’ve written to her (politely!) with information and corrections and merely got back waspish evasions.

  2. It doesn’t help if she’s too fucking stupid to learn anything from the information you provided her.

    She should be apologising for decades of encouraging government waste, rather than telling us all how to live our lives for the greater good of mankind.

    I’ll stop there.

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