Today\’s Tatchell News

Erm, we\’re running out of oxygen apparently.

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  1. Oh FFS is there no end to this? If he thinks the concentration of O2 is down to 15% in some cities, what does he think is replacing it? Does he really, really think that 30% of the atmosphere in cities consists of unspeakable CO2 or other horrors? (It would have to be, to get the O2 concentration down to that level.) Is this the normal level of science to be expected from the catastrophists?

  2. PT is top man, but he is way off piste here.

    Sure, oxygen levels used to much higher in pre-pre-historic times, but things kept catching fire. From a health and safety point of view, a lower oxygen level (say 10%?) would be much better.

  3. I check oxygen levels each day on my anaesthetic machine in central melbourne. 21%. Nothing in the article makes any sense, I feel pity for peter more than anything. But how can a newspaper publish such stuff?

  4. “I am not a scientist, but..” – competition hereby announced: to finish thatsentence. e.g.
    “… I am an innumerate fool.”
    “…I’m no worse than those ‘climate scientists’.”

  5. “I am not a scientist but”

    1. “I have a column in the Guardian and you don’t.”
    2. “I’ll have a law passed saying I’m right.”
    3. “The University of California still accepts qualifications using textbooks expressing my viewpoint (admittedly, only for needlework).”

  6. I ride past the Oxygen Factory on Teesside every day on the train. Are they making Oxygen? NO! Of course not! They are STEALING it from the Atmosphere!

    There ought to be a law against it.

  7. Doesn’t this idiot realize that the net oxygen output of a mature forest is close to zero? A tree converts CO2 into carbon, but when the tree dies microorganisms convert the carbon back to CO2, using atmospheric oxygen to do so.

  8. Tatchell is no scientist, and certainly no engineer. But he persists in turning out nonsense such as this, and his previous 9/11 “analysis”.

    He is the second self-promoting ignoramus (the first was the Plonker of Wales) to pontificate in print in the space of 48 hours, on a subject in which he is singularly unqualified.

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