Too bloody right

Not that I\’m that surprised at a poll which gets a positive response from a question like… would you like me to tax someone else other than you?

2 thoughts on “Too bloody right”

  1. “Gordon Brown is coming under fierce pressure to impose a windfall tax on energy companies to help Britons meet the cost of soaring fuel bills. ”

    If making windfall profits is so immoral, why does the treasury do it every time the under
    lying fuel prices go up? Note- I don’t recall them declaring the Govt windfall and earmarking it for extra winter fuel payments.

    “Many Labour MPs believe the one-off tax could ease the pain for householders and rescue the party’s plummeting popularity ..”


    So they are having to indulge in extortion, to amass some bribe money, to try and save their own worthless hides.

    Bunch of lying, cheating twisters…

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