The bodies of male athletes are, umm, male, and this is:

As a feminist, my version of a strong man is a motivated, secure individual who respects himself, likes and respects women, shows up for his own kids and cleans up his own mess, literally and metaphorically. Hardly radical. But if you look at male iconography within an antifeminist, mainstream and self-reinforcing culture, it\’s brute force that gets the seal of approval. The dominant message is that to be a real man you need to be all bulk, all aggression, hard and strong not soft and weak. You must appear able to succeed in a culture of violence, competition and antagonism that other violent males created.

This image of masculinity is extremely brutalising for men, particularly those brought up to believe that showing any compassion or ambivalence is beneath contempt.

Is there some place I can go and learn to write this sort of boilerplate?

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