Well Done Pompey

This rather surprises really, that Portsmouth fans are considered the ugliest in the Premiership.

According to research by Sky HD, the south coast club have the least attractive fans in English football’s top flight – but Liverpool have at last landed a domestic title, being judged by scouts from model agency D1 Model Management to have the sexiest supporters.

High definition footage, known as the scourge of Hollywood as it shows up the flaws of celebrities, is four times clearer than traditional television images, allowing Sky and D1 Model Management to study the faces in the crowds from every Premier League match last season, and rank the clubs in order of fans’ attractiveness.

Given the way genetics works, all that hybrid vigour, you\’d expect those from a long time port town (and naval base) to have a larger mix of genes than elsewhere and thus be rather better looking.

But then there always has been something rather special about Pompey.

2 thoughts on “Well Done Pompey”

  1. Perhaps they don’t get all the exercise of the denizens of that other “long time port town”, Liverpool. It’s good for you, bending over to inspect hubcaps.

  2. They’re both ports but poor old Pompey is primarily used by the government while liverpool is primarily used by trading ships. Free trade makes you better looking perhaps, obviously.

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