Well, Well, Fancy That!

Bangladesh is often held up as the \’ground zero\’ of climate change, with environmental experts predicting that rising sea levels could engulf much of the country of 150 million people within the next 50 years.

But a recent survey by a Bangladeshi research institute shows that the country\’s landmass has actually increased by more than 1,000 square km (386 square miles) since 1973, due to rivers dumping sediment as they meet the sea.

Really, who would have thought it? River deltas tend to grow!

5 thoughts on “Well, Well, Fancy That!”

  1. Another global warming myth exploded.

    Apologies for boring on, but about this expression “climate change”: it used to be a routine term, accepting that climate does indeed change over time, sometimes abruptly and dramatically as in the arrival and departure of Ice Ages.

    Then came the global warming hysteria, which refused to accept that natural variation exists. Indeed a sustained attack was made on the idea of the Mediaeval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age.

    About a year ago, when it began to be plain that the climate was not behaving according to predictions, the warmists stole the term “climate change”. Now, alarmists hardly ever use “global warming”, though they still keep up the panic, and “climate change” is now code for warming.

    Well, the admittedly suspect data are in, and the planet appears to be cooling. We should hold the alarmists to “global warming” to show what idiots they have been.

  2. The headline of your quoted article is “Bangladesh ‘is growing’ due to freak environmental conditions “.

    Unfortunately nowhere in the article is there a mention, let alone an explanation, of what the “freak” conditions are. I must assume, therefore, that the freakishness attaches only to the IPCC and Hansen whose “freak” predictions are mentioned.

  3. The “but” is a complete non-sequitur. There’s no contradiction between “Bangladesh has grown slightly from river deltas forming at a time when the sea level hasn’t risen much” and “if the sea level rises more than a couple of metres, then the Bangladeshis are royally screwed, because the delta land and the plains are both barely above sea level”.

  4. “…then the Bangladeshis are royally screwed…”

    Well, over a 1000 years or so they might have to gradually move north a bit.

  5. I seem to recall another country situated on another river delta that’s grown quite a bit over the years although to be honest the inhabitants have been helping the process along somewhat.. Haven’t noticed the property prices in Rotterdam plummeting.
    Come to think of it, I know this is the sort of question only an idiot would ask, but what exactly is the difference between Holland & Bangladesh? Apart from the inhabitants that is.

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