White Americans to be minority by 2042

An interesting thought: if this is indeed true (and I see no reason why it wouldn\’t be) just how long would the "white majority" have lasted?

Taking the current borders of the country, so that we include say California and Oregon right from the beginning, when did the US first have a white majority?

Certainly it didn\’t in the 1620\’s(?), when Jamestown was first settled….but did it even by the time of Independence? There were, what, 3 million or so in the 13 (ex-) colonies? Was the Indian population of the rest of the area higher than that? At a guess, I\’d say yes (very much a guess as well).

So, the white majority by, say 1850? Earlier? Later?

So this white majority would be something that lasted a couple of centuries perhaps? No more than that, or only a couple of decades more than that, you think?


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  1. “Was the Indian population of the rest of the area higher than that? At a guess, I’d say yes”: a fascinating question. Not many injuns, I suppose, in the hunter-gatherer tribes, except in the North West where they lived off salmon and in villages. But the agricultural tribes may have been pretty numerous, though a bit depleted by the slaughters visited on them by the “Patriots” under cover of the War of Independence. There were plenty of agricultural injuns for Andrew Jackson to ethnically cleanse decades after independence. I wonder if the Plains Indians increased in number after they got rifles – easier buffalo-hunting implies more children, perhaps, but then also more slaughter of tribal enemies.

  2. According to one theory, 90% to 95% of the indigenous inhabitants of North America died of European diseases between the time of Columbus and the first English settlements. Plymouth colony actually occupied the site of a deserted Indian village.
    As for ‘slaughtering’ Indians during the War of Independence, the people on the frontier barely avoided being slaughtered themselves by the tribes employed by the British Army. As an example, see ‘The year of the three sevens.’ (1777).
    dearieme: The colonists won the War of Independence. I’m sorry you still hold a grudge.

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