Worst EU Lobbying Awards

The usual bunch of greenies and leftwhingers have set up the "Worst EU Lobbying Awards".


My entry: Friends of the Earth Europe for the following reason:

"For the financial year 2007, Friends of the Earth Europe gratefully acknowledges funding from:

EU DG Environment, EU DG Employment & Social Affairs, EU DG Development,"

They pay FoE Europe so that FoE Europe can lobby them.

Given that FoE Europe is one of the organisers of the awards I don\’t expect that to make the shortlist.

But it should.

In fact, it should win by a mile, not that it will.

Do add your own of course.

2 thoughts on “Worst EU Lobbying Awards”

  1. There’s a quote in the G2 story today that deals with the trawler dumping fish in the North Sea.

    “It is a disgrace. This practice is depleting populations that are already overfished and it is happening everywhere”, said Willie MacKenzie, Greenpeace fisheries campaigner. “All of these fish are perfectly marketable, and have been legally caught. But if you are a fisherman it makes more economic sense to take boat to market with the most saleable fish, so you discard the lowest value stuff.”

    Nothing about the problems with complex quota heh? Wouldn’t want to upset anyone with any cash, would we…

  2. These unelected, self-appointed, unscientific, sanctimonious, odious scumbags use money filched out of the pockets of hardworking Europeans to lobby for measures that if enacted will harm said hardworking Europeans.

    If people want to commit economic suicide, they can vote for the Greens (Caroline Lucas for EU President anyone?). Why, when they don’t vote for them, do taxpayers then have to fund green lobby groups?

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