Young Mr. Coren Takes on Polly and Dave

Masterly stuff.

You really hoped for that, Polly? Really, Dave? Then you\’re even stupider than you come across on paper. And they get stupider. And more bitter. And more teacherly and smug……… The clichés here were more delicious still. Not only did the word “spires” appear twice in the same short extract, but the lawns, bless them, were “manicured”. Except they\’re not, Polly. They\’re just mown. Same as everywhere else. You don\’t have to be rich, or posh, or evil to mow the bloody lawn. They mow the lawn on council estates too. It\’s you, Polly, and you, Dave, who are trying to present Britain as a cartoonish, divided society to suit your own arrogant, dim-witted, outdated Weltanschauung.

I\’ll have to outsource the Polly analysis more often I think……

5 thoughts on “Young Mr. Coren Takes on Polly and Dave”

  1. How could Polly know that lawns get mowed? She can’t be expected to pay attention to every action of her gardeners.

  2. …the prose dripping with that familiar and uniquely Guardian fetishising of black youth that seems to drip with middle-aged female lust for the noble savage.

    Almost a Devil moment coming on there…

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