Ashley Mote MEP

"I never comment on rumours and I have no knowledge of any BNP advisory council meetings," says our good friend Ashley Mote, the real-time MEP for the south-east of England, one-time convict and benefit fraudster. And that is a shame because we had hoped he would clear up the issue brought to light by Searchlight magazine, courtesy of a leaked set of minutes from July\’s meeting of the high command within the BNP. Time was tight, the magazine tells us, but the documentation apparently shows that they made time to discuss "an approach by Ashley Mote to head the BNP candidates list for the south-east in next year\’s European elections". Some were up for it, as they say, arguing that the addition of Mote – once a star of Ukip, now independent – would "rejuvenate the party", plagued as it is by infighting and dwindling membership. But others, according to the record, were more wary because they "did not trust Mote" to stick with them for long if they facilitated his re-election. "The upshot was that the advisory council voted to reject Mote\’s offer on the grounds that his conviction would result in adverse publicity and prove detrimental to the party\’s reputation," reveals Searchlight. So the pot rejected the kettle. Isn\’t that a curious state of affairs?

Tee Hee.

Couldn\’t happen to a nicer man.

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