Babies and breast cancer

Scientists who examined research covering more than 600,000 women across the world found that for every pound heavier they were at birth, the risk of developing breast cancer increased by six per cent.


We also know that smoking during pregnancy reduces birth weight (I think it\’s 1 cigarette per day reduces weight by 6 grammes?).

Thus pregnant women should smoke in order to protect their children from breast cancer?

3 thoughts on “Babies and breast cancer”

  1. I hope this not yet another study that is dependent on sub-sahara data. But just in case:

    Dear “Scientists”,

    Sub-Saharan Africans do not live long enough to die from cancer. And even if the do die of cancer it will not be reported as cause of death.
    Computers are tools not a replacement for common sense.

  2. So, to cut your daughter’s chance of contracting breast cancer by half, you’ve got to smoke somewhat in excess of 30 packs of butts a day?

    Or, to put it another way: in order to halve the probability of your daughter developing breast cancer, you’ve got to deliver at a bit over 8 lbs. underweight!

    That puts a new light on female infanticide in some cultures: ancient wisdom’s just protecting them against the “slings and arrows.” Actually, works better than smoking.

    One thing I’d bet on, though: no one in the study smoked just one cigarette a day (indicating that expressing “results” in terms of the effect of a single cigarette is simply meaningless. The data tell us something–but it’s not that.

  3. Maybe it’s telling us that stoutness tends to run in families, that fat ladies have bigger babies, and bring them up to be overweight adults?

    Being overweight has been shown to correspond with a higher risk of breast cancer.

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