Balanced Migration

This is interesting.

A cross-party parliamentary group – the first to tackle such a politically divisive issue – says net immigration must be reduced to zero, with the numbers arriving balanced by those leaving.

Under such a scheme my moving back would deprive someone of the opportunity to immigrate?

As there are no rules whatsoever about my ability to enter or leave the country, about who I must inform if I do so, how does this work then?

But there\’s a rather larger problem:

The group acknowledges that EU freedom of movement laws, mean the UK government has no power to control immigration from inside the European Union, but says most immigration has come from beyond the Europe.

Has it? Are we certain about that?

As far as I\’m aware (and I\’ll have to wait for the report to actually be published to find out what numbers they use) there are four groups that immigrate.

1) EU citizens.

2) Asylum seekers.

3) Family reunion.

4) Non-EU economic migrants.

We\’re not allowed to limit 1 and 2 under international agreements. 3 is something that\’s rather tough to limit with any semblance of fairness and I am certainly under the impression (mistaken or not) that 4 is the smallest of the groups anyway.

I\’m not sure I can see how the proposed changes are going to make much difference to be honest. Anyone spots the whole report in the wild do let me know.

5 thoughts on “Balanced Migration”

  1. Hmm “cross-party parliamentary group” appears to mean Frank Field and Nicholas Soames. A bit misleading methinks.

  2. Surely the way to go with all this, is some sort of immigration tariff, by charging a fee for anyone to come into the UK and become a British citizen we would find out pretty quickly at the checkout if they felt it was worth it or not.

  3. As passer by says.
    I quite like the idea of tradable citizenship and residency. It would be interesting to see what value people would but on being British.

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