Big Brothel II

Prostitution helps to construct and maintain gender inequality. To achieve gender equality we need to start from the understanding that these differences are social, not biological, constructions. We need to develop diverse kinds of interventions to challenge and change these perceived, artificial differences. Nowhere is the inequality more stark than in the case of prostitution, where the roles of women and men are constructed as fundamentally different, in ways that support and maintain gender inequality. For example:

• Buyer/bought

• Sex drive/sexual object

• Hunter/prey

Well, just so we know where this report is coming from I guess.

4 thoughts on “Big Brothel II”

  1. Hunter/prey

    Bear in mind that I have spent a considerable amount of time in the immediate vicinity of prostitutes, I have thought about this for several minutes and am still not sure which party is the hunter and which is the prey.

  2. Let me predict that the BBC cover this report. Let me also predict that they won’t tell us that men are referred to as hunters and women as prey.

  3. I wonder how such notions coexist with the humiliation for a man that he can only get the sex he wants by paying for it. Or the other sort where he actually pays a woman to humiliate him.

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