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Conference IX

Nigel Farage\’s speech.

"I\’m told that the European question has gone away…..but we\’re all talking about post office closures, about rubbish rules, about windmills littering the country, but no one seems to be willing to point out that these are all from European laws….as with over 75% of all the new laws imposed upon us."

The Lib Dems promise one thing in the UK and vote another way in Brussels….

And David Cameron? "If David Cameron stood up and said that the next Conservative Government would have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty then the treaty would be dead in the water. But he won\’t do it."

The continual expansion of the EU and NATO ever eastwards is perhaps the most dangerous foreign policy I\’ve seen in my lifetime. Russia fears us more than we fear it….we must retain an independent British foreign policy.

" We must turn the elections next year into the referendum that you were promised but that you\’ve never had."

"Outside the EU we would be free to make trade deals as we wish…."]

"We should not be simply negative about the EU, we should be positive about what we can create in a 21 st century State that is free from it."

John Whittaker is stnading down as Chariman of the party….he wants more time to go back to academia. We thank his for the hard work he\’s done over the years….

The new Chairman will be Paul Nuttall ….he\’s going to need your support and help.

There\’s a vacuum in politics, there\’s no one making the argument for a free and sovereign country once again. Our job is to fill that vacuum.



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  1. Nigel Farage to Eastern Europe: “Drop Dead”?

    Actually interesting – is UKIP policy to leave Nato as well as the EU?

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