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Conference VII

Clive Page now introduces some of the candidates for the euro elections.

"The danger with political jokes is that they end up being elected".

" You can fool some of the people all of the time and those are the ones you concentrate on." GW Bush.

First up, Godfrey Bloom….."the worst two things about Godfrey is his face".

Godfrey…..nice to see James Whale here….he makes me look like an intellectual.

Dave, Dave (Cameron), stands foursquare for nothing in particular.

David Campbell Bannerman. Thank Jeffrey Titford for all the work that he\’s done to get us to this point.

Harry Aldridge….very pragamatic. " when he couldn\’t afford binoculars he decided to stand closer to things".

22 years old is our Harry and a great stand in for Harry Potter.

"I can\’t be accused of looking backwards as I\’ve not got a memory going back much…"

"It\’s my generation\’s future which is at stake…"

Harry has achieved something that no one else has managed in politics….looking younger than David Miliband.

Next up, Trevor Coleman, takes over Graham Booth\’s MEP seat in October.

Our next candidate is Marta Andreasen…..yes, the Chief Accountant for the EU, fired by Neil Kinnock. Number two in the South East list. Isn\’t it just going to be gorgeous to watch her walk in to the European Parliament and take a seat on the Budget Control Committee?

That\’s her aim if elected…..

" If you don\’t want to be in the European Union then your only choice is to vote UKIP because we are the only people arguing for that option".

Final candidate to be introduced….Paul Nuttall. Lead candidate for the NW….we\’re aiming for two perhaps three seats and we\’re ready to fight for them.


4 thoughts on “Conference VII”

  1. “If you don’t want to be in the European Union then your only choice is to vote UKIP because we are the only people arguing for that option”.

    Not true.

    [The Libertarian Party of the UK] will ensure that the UK does not enter into any binding agreements with supra-national entities that require the imposition of fines or demand policy actions on domestic affairs or those affecting national security including energy policy. Such agencies include the EU and the United Nations.

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  3. Ah, but Obo my lovely, the LPUK aren’t standing in the European Elections so in this instance, you want to register your wish to leave the EU, you vote UKIP.

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