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Conference XIII

Harry Aldridge with the policy paper on the British Constitution "How we are goverened".

Rather detailed and not really for blogging from a speech. We\’ll have the full paper up later!

2 thoughts on “Conference XIII”

  1. Now we see the problem:

    3.8 The Monarchy
    3.8.1 UKIP fully supports and endorses the British Monarchy, and its role in the British Constitution. We
    fully support and uphold the Act of Settlement, oppose disestablishment of the Church of England and
    support the Monarch’s position as Supreme-Governor of the Church of England and Defender of The Faith.
    3.8.2 We deeply regret the drift towards swearing oaths of allegiance to the State rather than the Monarchy,
    as with new Policemen, which ignores the carefully balanced constitutional arrangement of Britain. UKIP
    would require a comprehensive return to swearing allegiance to the Crown from all public servants and
    British subjects.
    3.8.3 UKIP will consider a transfer of part of the Crown Estates back to the Monarchy, in exchange for an end to annual State support, in order to end the annual media fest around Royal expenses (‘66p a head’ etc)
    and allow the Royal Household to manage its own engagements and expenses.

    If you don’t understand why such a statement is part of the problem, then you don’t understand why the rest of the UK Governance is in such disarray.

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