Depleted Uranium

So three blokes in China have been found smuggling depleted uranium.

The scrap merchants, two brothers and a friend, found the lump of low-radiation uranium metal in a yard in Bishkek last year. Attracted by its shiny surface and its “gold sparkle”, they haggled the dealer down to a price of $US2,000 for what both sides regarded as a treasure – but neither could identify.

Quite a piece of it too….600 lbs odd.

A long time since I had a market price for this stuff but they got a bargain there I think. $9 a lb is (from an all too infallible memory) about the right price so there was a few thousand $ in profit for them….if only they knew where to sell it of course.

3 thoughts on “Depleted Uranium”

  1. “all too (in)fallible”??

    Is this some sort of reverse self-deprecation?

    Tim adds: I wish. Sadly it’s a sign of undercaffeination.

  2. Things don’t quite add up here. 2000 USD is a lot to pay for something unknown (especially for a chinese man). Also, I am sceptical that neither the two buyers nor the seller (all metals professionals) knew what the stuff is.

    As for them getting “a bargain”, I think not – it is an onerous possesion, the world has far more du than it has uses for, they will struggle to sell it, and it has already incurred costs and will continue to do so.

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