At the heart of it is a fiscal boost through tax cuts targeted on the lower paid, lower VAT on energy costs

Beg pardon?

So, umm, everyone is running around insisting that energy must become more expensive. That we have to raise the costs, impose greater taxation, create a market in cap and trade permits, so as to reduce CO2 emissions and thus save Gaia. Save the oceans from boiling over the landscape, the animals from being wiped out by man\’s greed and ….well, read any Jeremy Leggett, Oliver Tickell, George Monbiot piece.

And so we\’re going to reduce the taxation of energy?

Is this that joined up government that we were promised?

2 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. Doesn’t seem to be anything to do with the government. From the article this is ” a TUC alternative economic package” that is likely to be rejected.

  2. Well, given the sorry state of energy policy in the UK, either they build more power stations or they price the poor out of energy, solving their C02 problem and too-many-old-codgers-drawing-pensions problem in one cheap stroke.

    What is not to hate?

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