Hang them all.

7 thoughts on “Hang them”

  1. That progressive socialists for you. The banality of evil, eh?

    You know, I think it’s time we took back the word “progressive” and stopped these scum from using it. From now on, let’s start using it to mean the advancement of personal freedom, and the achievement of scientific knowledge. If you look at the sweep of history, that’s what progress has been.

  2. 1) the government is looking to throw you in jail forever

    2) a foreign government is considering granting you refuge from your hostile neighbours

    Do you not think, just possibly, that tougher standards should be applied to 1 than 2?

    (and yes, while the court’s decision is correct, the government’s decision is still disgusting and is an excellent illustration of its complete moral bankruptcy.)

  3. Would Timmy have been in favour of hanging the “Guildford Four” and the “Birmingham Six”? After all they were convicted not simply of plotting terrorism but actually carrying it out.

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

    Tim adds: Err, you didn’t read the underlying article, did you? I’m referring to (jucularly, you understand) hanging the poltroons that rule us, not those they fit up.

  4. Tim,

    In that case, could you tell us what the UKIP intends to do about Whitehall? Other than acquiesce like every other party?

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