Hurrah Hurrah

Charles Clover goes out looking for good news in these times.

In the week we learned that England is now the most crowded country in Europe – it used to be Holland – it was good to learn that we are beginning to take the defence of our country from the sea seriously, like the Dutch.

I caused a huge kerfuffle two or three years ago when I reported that the Government would not reinforce an under-populated part of the Suffolk coast at East Lane, Bawdsey, and that as a result Aldeburgh would eventually become an island.

I can report that work on a coastal defence scheme to protect East Lane and its Martello tower starts later this month. A Government rethink? No, a privately funded scheme on the back of a housing development. Welcome to the future of coastal defence.

He finds it of course.

Once you take the boot of the State of the necks of the people they get on with things themselves, quite happily.

So now all we have to do is reduce the tax rates as well so that people retain more of their own money so as to get on with things themselves, quite happily.

2 thoughts on “Hurrah Hurrah”

  1. I think private initiatives like this could work rather well. Only fly in the ointment might be the greenies. They seem to have a track record of protesting against anything and everything.

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