I am so going to have to try this place

I was therefore intrigued when a friend told me about a new pizza place in south London, dedicated to making Neapolitan pizzas. Franco Manca is housed in the covered section of Brixton Market, squeezed between a fishmonger and a mobile-phone shop.

One abiding memory of a couple of childhood years spent in Naples is quite how different Neopolitan pizza is.

No doubt I shall be disappointed, as of course nothing will taste quite like the memory, but I\’m willing to risk it.

4 thoughts on “I am so going to have to try this place”

  1. Meh, best pizza I ever had was in Amsterdam. When it comes to a food as deracinated as pizza, there’s no particular reason to expect the Italians to be any better at making them than anyone else.

    Tim ads: ah, yes, but I shall be in Brixton next week….

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