I want one of these

These houses being sold in Sicily for €1 each.

The election was seen by many as a stunt by a man desperate for the oxygen of publicity, but Mr Sgarbi is working overtime to prove them wrong. And his first brain wave – to offer ancient and derelict homes in the historic town centre for a token price of 1 euro – has put Salemi on the map all over the world.

"We have had more than 6,000 enquiries," Sgarbi told The Independent. They have come from Britain and the United States, from Canada and Australia, France, Germany, the Baltic states, Mexico Columbia. They have poured in from the worlds of fashion, style and music which know Sgarbi as one of the sharpest aesthetes in Italy: American Vogue\’s Anna Wintour and world music\’s Peter Gabriel have thrown in their one euro.

Now the one thing I can\’t find is where to make my application. Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “I want one of these”

  1. obviously you need to sign up to rates/capital improvement programs etc etc (and this is after all the goddamn EU we are talking about so the regulations would kill you)…
    As an Aussie with enough money to do up a place like this, do the readers here think it would be worth it?

  2. Tim…but if you read the article in NEWSWEEK you’ll see that MIPC is working in collaboration with the SAlemi council…and not just a another estate agent.
    Read it to confirm at http://www.newsweek.com/id/159040
    and see how happy the people who have used the MIPC service are by checking out the MIPC blog.

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