Inspector Gadget

Big extract from his book in the Mail

Two years ago, a serving police constable calling himself PC David Copperfield wrote a groundbreaking book, serialised by the Mail, describing how ordinary bobbies are frustrated at every turn by bureaucracy. The Government then promised widespread reforms. But now a senior officer in a regional force – using the pseudonym Inspector Gadget – reveals that the situation has actually worsened. Here, he reveals how elf\’n\’safety laws, political correctness and barmy target-setting are preventing the police from catching criminals.

Wonder whether they\’re actually paying this time….as they didn\’t PC Copperfield until a complaint was made….

2 thoughts on “Inspector Gadget”

  1. I just read ‘Silks’ by Dick Francis. In this novel the protagonist and others are repeatedly beaten, intimidated, and have their property destroyed. The police provide absolutely no assistance, neither protection from nor apprehension of the villains responsible for the violence. True, this is fiction, but an experienced novelist obviously thought this to be completely credible.

  2. …an experienced novelist who (IIRC) is extremely right-wing and lives abroad, so it’s no bloody wonder he finds a load of utter tabloid shite to be completely credible.

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