James Ford Seale

So he "gets off".

The argument is that while there is no statute of limitations for murder there was a State case against him for the murders and that the double jeopardy rule means that he could not be tried for that again. So he was tried on kidnapping charges and on such charges there is indeed a statute of limitations. 5 years…but he was tried 43 years later.

Thus his conviction is clearly unsound.

Am I happy that he\’s now out? Yes and no. Unhappy that he has indeed "got off", and entirely happy that he is subject to the same laws as everyone else.

Yes, even the KKK must be tried under the law of the land. For as we all know, if the law will protect the rights of bastards like that then it will protect you and me.

That\’s what these laws are all about, what civil liberties mean. The protection of us against those who control the State.

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  1. As far as I’m aware, the reasoning is that with the passage of time, the prosecution may not be able to clear the evidentiary hurdle (witnesses’ memories fade, they move away, evidence deteriorates, etc..) The more serious the crime, the less weight this is given in determining whether the trial should proceed, so typically limitation periods are longer (or non-existent) for worse offences.

  2. So why can a witness to a kidnapping only remember five years back, but if the kidnappers subsequently murder their victim the witness’ memory works in perpetuity?

    I would have thought the decision on the reliability of a witness would be better taken case by case.

  3. There should be no statute of limitations for any crime that is against another human being …if they have commited the crime they should still be punished as if it happed today, and not only that people that commit violent crimes against another human being (unless it is truely in self defence) should automaticly get life in prison without the possiblitly of parole, and this man should be in prison and his body left to rot for what he did to those men, I also believe that they should change the way they punish some of these people , for instance if someone tortures another person untill they die…they should get the exact same done to them , just as the bible says “If any harm follows, then you shall give life for life, 24eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. ” Exodus 21:23″

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