The Department of Homeland Security is testing a type of body scanner that seeks out invisible clues that a person might be harbouring criminal intent, such as raised body temperature, pulse and breathing rate.

The system, called MALINTENT, uses a raft of "non-invasive" sensors and imagers to detect such factors remotely – subjects are not hooked up to anything. It also evaluates a person\’s facial expression to help to gauge whether they could be planning to commit an attack or crime.

The technology, developed by the Human Factors division of Homeland Security\’s directorate for Science and Technology, would be used at border checkpoints, airports and special events that require security screening.

Essentially they\’re building a lie detector that you walk through rather than being wired up to.

Given that lie detectors don\’t work….

2 thoughts on “Jeepers”

  1. This is fake but a great idea! The principle is to use the device so as not to devote quite as much attention to the wheelchair-bound grandmoms, swaddled infants, paraplegics, and recognizable public officials and military officers.

    Everyone passes thru and PASSES–except that, somehow, the guys we should have been paying attention to will ALWAYS trip the sensors of the sensitive instrument operated by the experienced technician. Verstehen?

    They ought to plant tongue firmly in cheek and name it the “DISCRIMINATOR”

  2. Well the Israelis obviously use profiling. Not on it’s own, but they use it.

    As for us, we have tied ourselves up in knots. We are deliberately exempting the highest risk groups from scrutiny. And we are doing that because everybody going through security can see what is happening to everybody else. And as usual, we are aiming for equality of perceived outcomes, and maximum throughput, instead of effectiveness. The USA has restrictions on how many young middle-eastern men can be subjected to additional security, on any flight, that info is public now. This is a great way of teaching the terrorists how to hit us again.

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