Julie Bindel on Trafficking

There\’s a lot of getting hot under the collar here. But not much actual information.

The men were undertaking research for Big Brothel: a Survey of the Off-Street Sex Industry in London, the most comprehensive study ever conducted into brothels in the UK. The project, which gathered information from 921 brothels in the capital, was commissioned by the Poppy Project, the only British organisation that offers support for women trafficked into prostitution.

OK, look forward to the results. How many women are indeed trafficked as opposed to entering the trade voluntarily?

They were to telephone brothels, posing as potential punters, with a list of questions including "What nationalities are on offer tonight?",

Hmm, is nationality proof of trafficking? I think not really….as has been pointed out the move into prostitution rather destroys social capital. Thus people tend to do it away from home rather than at home. In a more globalised world we\’d expect more people to be doing it in the country one or two over rather than just the village over, wouldn\’t we?

Further, given the economic divides between countries….especially here in Europe, where there are no immigration problems….we\’d also expect to see foreigners plying their trade.

We primed the telephone researchers to look for evidence of trafficking. There was plenty. Brothels offered women of 77 different nationalities and ethnicities, including many from known-source countries for trafficking. One researcher was told by a brothel owner, "For no condom and anal, call tomorrow. Eastern Europeans promised later in the week."

Erm and that\’s it. That\’s all the evidence of trafficking given.

That there are foreigners doing the work.

It\’s not the most convincing of evidence, is it?

2 thoughts on “Julie Bindel on Trafficking”

  1. “While kissing used to be off-limits for women selling sex, it can now be bought for an extra tenner. “

    The credit crunch is affecting everything, isn’t it…? 😉

  2. That’s probably ‘cos their report presents numbers that pretty much go against the Bindel world view.

    Things like… referrals to Poppy are disproportionately LOWER from places like Africa and Asia and disproportionately HIGHER from places like North West Europe. The bit in the report on this is ridiculous with the author trying to make a connection based on 1 or 2 of the areas roughly matching (despite a couple of others being massively off in correlation).

    Or maybe that that figure about unprotected sex was less than 2% of brothels. Or that they found no evidence of anyone under 18 working. Or that only 6% of people who picked up the phone were men.

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