Maddy on faith schools

The basic argument here is sure to make Polly spit with rage.

What makes a school successful is a shared ethos. This is possible in a purely secular manner but is much more difficult than in a faith based environment.

Seems logical enough….the various faiths have spent a thousand or two years in developing the accoutrements of that shared ethos, the stories, the symbols. To a cynic (and of course we don\’t have any of those around here!) that\’s what the hymns, the different clothing, the stories of the saints, the stories of sacrifices made for beliefs, actually are, highly successful propaganda that works as has been proven over the centuries.

What will make Polly spit of course is that she\’s a highly vocal opponent of all that propaganda but a similarly highly vocal supporter of a shared communal ethos. That is, she supports the latter but rejects the most successful form of it that humans have yet devised.

4 thoughts on “Maddy on faith schools”

  1. “What makes a school successful is a shared ethos.” Which provokes the following thought – why not design a school that gathers together children who might find that they can readily share a similar ethos by virtue, say, of having an interest in, and ability at, academic subjects – you know, children who are good at reasoning, happy with abstractions, that sort of thing. You could even extend the principle to other sorts of interests and abilities.

  2. Isn’t that why we used to bellow out religious or patriotic songs at school assembly in the late 40s and early 50s.
    I went to a school in Cardiff and enjoyed the welsh song stuff even though I and others hadn’t a clue what they meant.

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