Off Street Prostitution

So The Guardian has found a woman who is in the sex trade, is in the sex trade by choice (for purely economic reasons), enjoys it and is happy doing it.

She can also write a pretty clear article.

OK, great, that will rather annoy the Julie Bindels and the Harriet Harmans of the world which is all to the good.

Lara (for that is her performing name) says that most of her clientele are middle aged businessmen.

Mhhm, hmm.

So, enquiring minds want to know. Which Guardian executive is it that knows a mid-30s escort who is happy in her job in the sex trade and can write? Mmm? Mmm?

6 thoughts on “Off Street Prostitution”

  1. You’re going to find it hard to continue your laudable campaign of chastisement of the Telegraph’s woeful sub-editing if you write howlers like “the Julie Bindel’s and the Harriet Harman’s of the world “.

    Tim adds: Indeed, one of the Telegraph’s subs just emailed to make that very point. Which is why the correction above.

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