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Oi! What\’s wrong with British women?

This story of a woman putting her virginity up for sale sparks a memory.

Showgirl and men\’s magazine model Raffella Fico, 20, told an Italian magazine: "I can\’t wait to see who\’s going to pull out the money to have me."

Miss Fico, who appeared in the Italian version of Big Brother earlier this year, said she would use the cash to buy a house in Rome and pay for acting classes.

"I don\’t know what it\’s like to have sex," she told the magazine, Chi, adding that if the man who bought her virginity was ugly then she would quickly get over it.

"If I don\’t like him I\’ll just have a glass of wine and forget about it," said the aspiring actress from Naples – hometown of screen siren Sophia Loren.

Her family insisted that despite her good looks and sexy image, she remained a virgin.

"She\’s never had a boyfriend. I swear on my mother\’s grave. She\’s a devout Catholic and prays to Padre Pio every night," her brother told the magazine.

She is the not the first woman to auction her virginity for a large sum. An 18-year-old US student in San Diego, Natalie Dylan, recently told the Howard Stern show she would have sex for the first time for $1 million to pay her college fees.

In 2005 a Peruvian model, also 18, put herself up for sale to help pay her family\’s medical bills but ended up having second thoughts and turning down $1.5 million.

Large sums being offered indeed. Most strangely really, for one of those things better aquired second hand.

But there\’s something scratching away at the back of my mind. Some British bird did this a couple of years ago. Got a bit of attention as she said she was doing it to pay for the horrors of university fees as I recall.

I also seem to remember that she was offered….and I think the deal was consummated (sorry, couldn\’t resist)….some £8,000.

Is this simply another example of the way in which we Brits invent ideas but never manage to take proper financial advantage of them? Do we need a task force, an OfVirgin, to coordinate our approach to the international markets?

Or was it that our plucky British entrant was in a committed lesbian relationship at the time?

Or even that she was ginger?

More research required here I fear.


5 thoughts on “Oi! What\’s wrong with British women?”

  1. IIRC, the British gal probably found he true value at £8,000 (and that’s being generous!). Did some poor sod actually stump up his savings for it? (Although I suppose at least he improved his eBay rating! :-). Got to make it work for you!)

  2. a) fame premium – Italian girl is a glamour model already, Brit girl was only famous for her stunt. Jordan would be much better-placed to make enormous sums from one-off prostitution than a non-celebrity over-titted freak…

    b) hotness premium – although I thought Brit girl was reasonably cute, she’s a normal woman well within the sights of most non-hideous non-street-dwelling men looks-wise. Anyone with a million quid to spare could get a prettier golddigger than her without even making any explicit payment (and who might even actually be interested).

    Not sure whether there’s a society explanation as well, or whether that’s now relatively outdated in a society like Italy with one of the lowest marriage rates in the West…

  3. Shouldn’t the Equality & Human Rights Commission take an interest in this? Doesn’t seem very fair on young lads looking to pay their way through college…

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