Peter Ainsworth

Isit actually necessary for an environmental spokesman to be an economic fathead?

Or is it the pose that is necessary? Answers on a postcard to Peter Ainsworth please.

At a time of rising food prices we should be increasing our food security not becoming ever more reliant on imports for produce that can be grown in the UK.

At a time of rising food prices the incentives to source the cheapest food become ever greater. Given that our costs of producing vegetables and fruits are higher than in other parts of the world we would expect higher, not lower, imports at a time of rising prices, no?

(Of course, this depends upon whether alll producer\’s prices are rising at the same time, but if it\’s as a result of, say, oil and fertiliser prices rising then this would be so.)

Much as it pains me to say so the bureaucrat actually has the correct answer.

But it is important not to mistake self sufficiency for food security – a diverse supply of food ensures we are not dependent on one source in order to meet demand, making us more, not less, secure.

Of course.

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