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Essentially, do all the things she wants Labour to have done in the past 11 years but hasn\’t.

What else? Get tougher on non-doms. No one understands how people born, bred and living here can avoid paying British tax.


It\’s almost impossible for someone born and bred here (ie, someone who is a UK citizen) to be a non-Dom. It is impossible for someone who is only a UK citizen.

Further, anyone living and working in hte UK pays the same tax on their UK earnings as anyone else does. The only "get out" that non-Doms have is on earnings made elsewhere in the world.

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  1. Your first point is incorrect. The rules on non-doms are so widely drafted that it is sufficient for your father to have been a non-dom. In other words, there are second and third generation immigrants who have never set foot in whatever hell hole they fled decades ago who are technically non-dom.

    Your second point is correct. My view is, instead of clobbering non-doms, we should just align tax rules for dom’s and non-dom’s as far as possible. We pay a tad less, they pay a tad more.

  2. A silly bint in the Telegraph seems to make a similar mistake today. Could it be that this sort of ignorant dimness is less of a leftwing thing and more of a female journo thing?

  3. This incessent bashing of certain groups by Labour (e.g. non-doms, the ‘super rich’ and those who earn bonuses for being very good at their jobs) is getting tiresome. If Labour actually went through with any of these policies, they would cripple this country for the sake of making their ageing Lefty voters feel a bit better about the world.


  4. “we should just align tax rules for dom’s and non-dom’s as far as possible. We pay a tad less, they pay a tad more.”

    Aren’t there only a few hundred thousand non-doms? In which case we pay a tad less, they pay 100 tads more.

  5. Wouldn’t it no be more efficient if we paid a few tads less, the non-doms paid about the same number of tads as they currently pay and the government spent a few tads less.

  6. She’s right. If you know you’re going to lose,you’d better go for broke without worrying about mere popularity.Anybody remember Operation Gladio?Leave something behindf for them to remember you by.

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