Really Vince?

Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman, said: “The Bradford and Bingley boil must be lanced now. The Bush administration has already had to nationalise mortgage lending and it looks as though a similar prospect is staring us in the face.”

I\’ve not noticed that the US has nationalised mortgage lending.

I have noted that they\’ve nationalised two semi-state actors, two intermediaries in the mortgage market. But we, fortunately, never went down the route of having such state backed intermediaries, so we\’ve not had to do the same,.

1 thought on “Really Vince?”

  1. “they’ve nationalised two semi-state actors”

    hm well I wonder if he’s not referring instead to Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, who have persisted in a semi-state for the past several years now and could well be improved by a does of nationalisation?

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