Spread the word chaps!

The Sun is running a competition for which EU rule we should dump.

A clear and obvious suggestion is here.

OK, OK, so the European Communities Act 1972 isn\’t an EU regulation but it\’s still the one we want to dump.

Spread the word! Get people writing in!

4 thoughts on “Spread the word chaps!”

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  3. The EU Communities Act 1972 was confirmed by plebiscite in 1975, so if you want to get rid of it then

    a) you have to get Parliament to agree to a binding plebiscite (not going to happen)


    b) you have to get Parliament to rescind it. (not going to happen)

    It may be a fun version of “fantasy politics” by barely capable pressure groups like the UKIP, but it ain’t going to happen.

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