Stopping people drinking

The NHS has a new plan to stop people drinking. One of the nine identified groups is:

“Community drinkers” are motivated by the need to belong. They are usually lower middle class men and women who drink in large friendship groups.

But, but, isn\’t working class solidarity a good thing?

5 thoughts on “Stopping people drinking”

  1. But, but, isn’t working class solidarity a good thing?

    One of the oddest things about New Labour is that it appears to believe otherwise – its main policy drive is about forcing (or ‘nudging’, if you prefer) the working class to behave in a middle-class way, whether they like it or not..

  2. Working class solidarity is only good on the production line and at the Part meetings – a Part member in good standing doesn’t waste his or her time on frivolities but in working hard to bring into existence the Worker’s Utopia.

  3. How about the “Just Plain Drinker”: someone who drinks because he likes the taste of the damn stuff?

    And am I to understand from the report that the new guidelines are 50 units a week for men and that this initiative is targeted at people who drink double that? I’m no slouch at the booze stakes, but a hundred units a week seems like a lot. That’s probably closer to my monthly intake.

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