Telegraph Subs!

Ahoy Maties!

The process ends a 70-year experiment that began as an attempt to get a struggling nation back on to its feet, and has ended in the largest privatisation in history.

They\’ve just been nationalised, not privatised!

2 thoughts on “Telegraph Subs!”

  1. From semi-demi-privatised to mainly but not entirely nationalised – anyway, what are these bloody things actually for? At lunch I asked a retired American investment banker and I can’t claim to have understood his answer. If we can have a mortgage market, and mortgage woes, without a Phoney and Fraudie, why do the Yanks need them?

  2. why do the Yanks need them?
    Politics, power, and money dearieme. The $200,000,000 spent lobbying Congress over the past 10 years says it all, I think.

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