The Concrete Ceiling

Umm,. folks?

The watchdog claims its figures show that although women are becoming better educated and keen to forge careers, too many people still believe that their place is in the home and that men should hold the leadership positions.

It accuses employers of putting up barriers to prevent women taking senior roles, by refusing to let them work hours that allow them to combine a decent job and a family.

To get to the top in any profession requires a dedication to that profession which is incompatible with either part time working or career breaks of a couple of years at a time.

The report says 85 per cent of working women have full-time jobs before they have babies, but this falls to just 34 per cent of those with pre-school children.

That\’s the sort of statistic which is causing this problem.

There\’s not in fact a legislative solution to it either.

2 thoughts on “The Concrete Ceiling”

  1. Sure there’s a legislative solution to that statistic- just ban women from the workplace. Not 100% convinced it’ll do any actual good, but it’ll fix the statistic.

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