The influence of UKIP

Even the TUC is now coming onboard.

There are various ways to help ordinary people through targeted tax cuts. The key way would be to cut income tax by reducing rates at the bottom or by raising allowances so that the low paid and middle earners receive a greater part of their pay tax free.

Quite, just as with UKIP\’s income tax policy. Raise the personal allowance to £10,000 so that the working poor aren\’t in the tax system at all.

It started out with the ASI and UKIP crying in the wilderness…now even Polly and the TUC get the point.

So how long before we can get them to see sense on the EU then?

1 thought on “The influence of UKIP”

  1. There are plenty of rank and file trade union members who are against the EU, they’re no different to the normal population on that. And some of my old Commie chums are still doggedly against the EU as well.

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