Those eco towns

Cabe is also calling for all homes to be powered by renewable energy with gas supply only available as a backup. It said there should be at least 50 dwellings per hectare (2.5 acres) rising to 100 in the centre,…


At 50 per hectare that\’s 2,178 sq feet for a house and a garden (yes,?). Or a plot 10 decent paces by 20 such paces? For house and garden? Are these supposed to be houses or rabbit hutches? 200 m2 for house and garden?

Half of that for the house (two stories providing 2,000 sq feet of space, sounds reasonable, yes?).

Going to be a bit of a bugger growing your veggies on the other 1,000 sq feet isn\’t it?

Oh, and, umm, can\’t you only build houses to PassiveHaus standards at densities of less than 14 per acre or something?

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  1. My last nice big terraced house in East London was on a 200 yd share plot, 6 yards x 35 yards or so, including house and 36 foot back garden. But that is excluding our pro rata share of the road, pavement, local playground etc, which would get it to 250 square yards max = 20 per acre.

  2. But these are eco towns! The flat roof is covered in soil for the garden, and there’s no need for a road, just a cycleway/footway. Deliveries and refuse collection by handcart. I propose a referendum on the subject, with all in favour being given one such house in exchange for their existing house(s). That way we incre4ase the housing stock AND give people the sort of houses they want. The Green Party would surely all want to move.

  3. Sounds like a fairly progressive specification for new prison cells. Perhaps his intention is to keep us all locked in, with the controls for our central heating on the outside, where we can’t reach them.

  4. My single-dweller apartment is near as dammit 1100 sq. ft. i.e. an are or 1/100 of a hectare. You could, at a pinch, stick a couple with one child in one of them (except kids are banned by the tenants’ agreement, oh joy) but someone would probably haul off and knife one of the others within six months.

    Funny how all the fluorescent Greens are anti-battery farming for chickens, but seem to have no comparable reservations when it comes to keeping people in boxes.

  5. Central London, social housing built in the early ’50s. Single person appartment, floor area 6.5m x 6.6m. i.e. 7 paces square.

    Now, which part of the New Jerusalem do y’all live in??

  6. Quote from the article that prompted the post: “The recommendation is that there should be detailed scrutiny of the number of trips residents make by car, and the types of waste produced by households and businesses. Thermographic cameras should be used to check which homes lose heat, according to the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (Cabe).”

    Live in a box and have every action monitored by the people who put you there. Whatever happened to the liberal greens?

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