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Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, said the plan removed basic rights long enshrined in British law. "If we\’re accused we must be able to know who accused us. If we are to be tried for a crime we must be able to mount a defence.

"Yet now we can be dragged away to another country to rot in jail without there even being a pretence of a fair trial."

Mr Farage added: "If other European nations want to adopt our own higher protections, our greater civil liberties, then they are of course quite free to, without EU compulsion. "But why should we destroy our own freedoms just to fit in with them?"


2 thoughts on “Timmy at Work”

  1. For the record, are posts on this site now from ‘Tim Worstall, UKIP Press Officer’ or are they still separate?

    Tim adds: Good point, I should clear things up shouldn’t I?

    This is my personal blog, nothing here is “ex officio”.

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