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Timmy Elsewhere


What leading leftists say is the solution, that Kensington dog walker, Skidelsky on markets.


4 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. “So which Cabinet Minister is going to be joining the BNP then?”

    My best guess, based on existing public speeches, is the one who shares his surname with a heavy-drinking murder squad detective…

  2. Tim, as you well know criticism of trickle-down theory was not that no money flowed from the rich to the poor, that they didn’t employ servants or drivers. It was that more that tax cuts for the rich were as or more beneficial to the poor than economic measures directly aimed at them.

  3. “economic measures directly aimed at them.” have never worked at all so far as I can see. They just keep the poor on their means tested benefits, in their state owned council flats, with no prospects.

    People with money to spend, spend it. On private school fees, eating out, hotels, new cars, carpets, furniture, home improvements, nannies, cleaning ladies, hair-do’s, cosmetic surgery, and even hookers.

    And the folk who have been providing those services and goods, have been improving their own standard of living, and in their turn, spending and saving. That’s how folk get to be better off.

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