Timmy Elsewhere


That very expensive scrap of park and changes at Gardeners\’ World (somewhere….)

2 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. A few questions:-
    1/ Did the council make any attempt to locate the owners when it appropriated the land?
    2/ Why in the intervening half century did they not file for adverse possession?
    3/ How is it possible to value parkland exclusively earmarked as such- I’ve never heard of their being any sort of market in that particular commodity?
    4/ Couldn’t the discrepancy in figures mean that Parkland is seriously undervalued? If that were the conclusion drawn some local authorities might be tempted to liberalise their application of the planning regulations.

  2. Surely the discrepancy in values just reflects the effect of outline planning permission? Sort of like when the value of a dairy herd is dwarfed by the value of the accompanying milk quota?

    The only thing the ‘crats have in their favour, is the legal ability to stop folk doing perfectly normal, rational, productive things with their own property. They have all sorts of ways interfering.

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