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Our EU lords and masters seem no to realise that in a market economy the subcontracting chain is that entire market economy.


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  1. We already have something similar in Health and Safety and, I am being told by our lawyers, in employment law:

    We get subcontractors to build our radio sites, however we can’t just place a contract with them as we are ultimately responsible for H&S on site. This means we have to carry out inspections to ensure that the contractor, and their subcontractors are all fully competent. We inspect their training schedules and certification of their staff. We have to ensure that when they do the work that everyone acts in a proper way according to H&S. All on pain of ending up on personal and corporate manslaughter charges.

    We are just about to close a contract for a call center which was outsourced to a UK company. Our lawyers as adamant that under the latest TUPE because all the staff were employed solely on our project then we are liable for making them redundant and offering them the jobs which will now be in sourced. If the contractor makes a mistake in the process then we are jointly liable for unfair dismissal at any tribunal.

    This last point is really daft as it means in future we will look to off shore if we decide not to do the work our selves. Still what do you expect from New Labour legislation.

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