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Looks like blogs are now illegal, what is the point of John Hilary and the financial crisis was caused by insufficient securitisation.


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  1. Re: insufficient securitisation

    After slicing and dicing the banks sold the good stuff but were left with the toxic stuff which no one wanted. They were deluded about the level of the risk.

  2. Re the John Hilary article:

    These folk who keep demanding money, and throwing out the accusation that unless they get it, “you just don’t care enough”, will never stop doing it until we are destitute. It isn’t poverty that offends him. It is wealth, and self reliance.

    We should be taking all his food off him. If he is still eating, when little children are still going hungry, then patently he just doesn’t care enough.

  3. Here is a good example:


    of a bunch of well intentioned toothy western do-gooders telling us all how beautiful, unspoilt, and pristine an environment is, while simultaneously bleating about how that environment is killing people, and why haven’t we paid for them all to have mosquito nets and broadband.

    If we start throwing money and resources at this problem the same buggers will scream even louder, and denounce our cultural imperialism for destroying their traditional way of life…

    “With all it’s hardships and drawbacks, it was their heritage, and now it’s gone, forever”, cue violins. Cue some BBC bastard saying “is anything sacred anymore? Oi think nart”

    And now put your money back in your pocket.

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