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More on that report that meat must be rationed and, somewhere, a bizarre assertion about child poverty.

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  1. On the Lewis & Clark exploratory expedition, the meat ration was 9 lbs. per day per man. I guess those were real men in those days.

    I don’t quite get why the “no-till” method is incompatible with “organic” farming. Anybody?

    Tim adds: Weeds. You’ve got to either hoe the weeds, or use weedkillers. Then, when you harvest, you needs to plough….or use herbicides to clear the field.

  2. Meat is rationed, and probably always has been. It’s called ‘price rationing’ and it seems to work fine.

    Before that we had silly religious rituals saying how much of what kind of meat you can eat and when. This has its origins in rationing. If you say to people ‘Don’t eat it, crops are bad, we need that animal for milk etc’ people will ignore you.

    If a rabbi or whatever says ‘Don’t eat it or you’ll go to Hell’ that seems to be a lot more persuasive.

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