Well Done Johnny!

What was it that John Prescott did to help plan the housing market?

Demolish lots of houses in the North and the Midlands of course, under his Pathfinder scheme. What good will this do?

A paper from the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) obtained by The Times claims the latest analysis of 2006 population statistics shows that at least a further 500,000 homes are needed in England within 12 years. The new pressures are partly because men and women are living even longer but also because more women are having their children later and long-term migrants are starting families in this country.

There is likely to be a big demand for extra houses in the North East and the Midlands as migrants move from the South East.

No good at all. In fact a negative amount of good as he\’s been destroying houses in exactly the areas likely to need them.

We\’re so lucky to have people who believe in long term planning, aren\’t we?

1 thought on “Well Done Johnny!”

  1. The Laughing Cavalier

    An investigation into who became rich as a result of this oaf’s intervention in the property markets of the North East might well bear interesting results.

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