When no doesn\’t mean no

An internal EU briefing paper, entitled The Solution to the Irish Problem, predicts that Dublin will accede to the re-run at a meeting of Europe\’s leaders on October 15.

Ireland has been under French and German pressure to hold a second vote and Autumn 2009 has emerged as the favoured date among officials and diplomats ahead of the European Union summit on the future of the Lisbon Treaty next month.

Ireland has refused to deny that a second referendum could occur, following the \’No\’ vote in June.


Ritual observation that saying yes means yes for ever, no means being asked again….

3 thoughts on “When no doesn\’t mean no”

  1. Be interesting to see similar logic being offered in a rape trial.

    “She said ‘No’, Yer Honner, so I asked her again because I knew she didn’t mean it really”

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