Writing job available

If anyone\’s interested in a little freelance writing I\’ve got someone I write for looking for more writers.

Specifically, we are looking for writers that can produce white papers, articles, blog entries, and other pieces of content for VoIP, CRM, and other topics relevant to current and future client offerings.

We’re also looking for a tax professional/accountant that would be interested in producing content on a regular basis as well.

This is for Americans so needs to be written in American (and American tax laws etc obviously).

Pay\’s good by the standards of internet writing. 10 cents a word (although that does vary by project). Some of their writers get assigned 40-50k words a month but more usual is 5-10k.

They\’re a big company, been going for years, once you\’ve got your feet under the table it can be a steady addition to your income.

Let me know if you\’re interested.

Update. OK, I\’ve sent four people in for this now, that\’s enough I\’m told for the moment. More if they ask me again in the future.

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  1. “Envision, if you will, …”. Oh bugger, I couldn’t bear to writ Murrikan. Not least because I’m so old that I can remember when many Murrikans wrote and spoke lively, clear, terse American English.

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