A get out of jail free card

So when the bureaucrats lose a court case they start to argue that they shouldn\’t have to pay the costs.

Mr Dillon added: "Nice has been ordered to pay 60 per cent of the court cost incurred by Eisai who embarked on the litigation.

"Eisai Ltd is an international company which generated a net income of 598 million dollars (£367 million) in 2006/07. Nice is a public body funded by the taxpayer and defended this litigation in the interests of the NHS.

"Nice trusts that Eisai will now waive its costs so that the NHS funds that Nice receives can be spent on improving patient care."

This isn\’t about NICE actually approving or not approving a drug, it\’s about access to the model they use to determine whether to approve or not a drug. If they\’d just released the spreadsheet then all of this money would have been saved.

I\’m actually willing for it not to be the taxpayer wqho pays here: why not take it from the bureaucrats?

7 thoughts on “A get out of jail free card”

  1. The Telegraph hack responsible for that piece has been given some good spin by the drug companies – note that in the lede it pretends the legislation was brought by patient charities, and it’s only in the final paragraphs where it admit that it’s actually all about Pfizer and Esai.

    Bizarre move from NICE though. All non-classified non-personal government data should be available to anyone and everyone who asks for it – we’re paying for it, after all – and I can’t see the harm for them doing so in this case.

  2. “I can’t see the harm for them doing so in this case.”

    I can see the harm to NICE: they don’t want the great unwashed pawing at their spreadsheets and spotting errors (there’s always an error in a spreadsheet).

  3. NICE? That was the name of the fascist organisation C S Lewis invented in his book ‘That Hideous Strength’ – it’s a parody of the bureaucratic structures Lewis would have encountered in wartime and postwar Britain.

    As Onslow would say, “Oh, nice!

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