Aaaaand…..we\’re back!

Didja miss us?

Didja? Didja?

10 thoughts on “Aaaaand…..we\’re back!”

  1. Yes, I did. In fact, I was fearing you’d suddenly dropped dead from a heart attack or something.

    Tim adds: almost as bad….trying to pay hosting with a credit card they didn’t want to accept…..

  2. So straight away I ‘phoned the Police and said “Come round immediately, Timmy has gone missing in the night.”

    And they said “Are you sure he isn’t just stuck up a tree somewhere? He’ll probably come back when he gets hungry, they usually do.”

    So then I thought about this “up a tree somewhere” concept, and it dawned on me that you probably were indeed probably up a tree, securing a strong hempen rope with some hapless ‘crat dangling on the other end. So I rang off then, because I didn’t want the police to come running in to stop you.

    Can you let us know in advance next time, so I can get the tickets printed?

  3. Yes, I missed you.

    I missed you like crazy.

    I missed you like a crazy psychopathic gunman on a rampage occasionally misses a target.

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